Friday, July 29, 2011

Hong Kong Eats - Part VII

Look at that tree...

How did it grow that way...?

We're at the Landmark Cafe. 
Iced coffees and smiles all around!

My sister got scones which also came with cream and jam, which I forgot to take a picture of. 

I got smoked salmon on toast with dill. 

Mmmm... Salmon....

Luke got a Club Sandwich that came with killer fries.

Avocadooooo! Love avocados!

This is the walk we take from the Landmark to HK Park :)

And this is a view of HK from the Peak :) It was super foggy that night.

We fed the feral kitties of the peak. They little guys were super skittish and very hungry.

Sadly, the kitty did not want to be friends.

Even the tram station was obscured by the fog O.O Looks spooky!

McDonalds is surprisingly nice in HK. They look more like what we'd expect Starbucks to look like.. which was kind of surreal in a way..

I met my father at the Landmark again a few days later. 
Mmmm... Cappuccino... 

This sounded interesting: A chocolate cake with ganache, cream, bitter orange and rosemary.

It was pretty good, but suuuuper rich. Chocolate is nice, but I usually have it in tiny doses. 
I do like the flavors, though. 

The rosemary was a nice contrast to the chocolate and complimented the orange. 

There were these tiny, crunchy little balls hidden in the mousse that gave it a nice crunch. 
With all the other components being so rich and creamy, the little bobbles were a nice surprise.

Random Hong Kong cat and my sisiter.

Another kitty and Luke.

Ahhh... Hong Kong at night :3

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