Friday, March 25, 2011

Hong Kong Eats - Part V

When I was in HK, Dad and I would get up pretty early (around 5-7 each morning) and we would go for walks. 

We were right by the coast. I loved the smell of the ocean in the morning. 
It was windy and there was a little chill, but it was a wonderful way to start the morning. 

We were staying at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, so for breakfast, we headed for the cantina. 
I wish I had gotten some more pictures. The two eating areas they had at HKUST were really very nice, clean and served realllllllly tasty food.

We each got soy sauce noodles, jukk (Chinese rice porridge) with pork, peanuts and thousand year old eggs, and milk tea. 
Milk tea is pretty strong and a great substitute for coffee. I actually prefer it. 


This is not Sparta, it's a chocolate shop. And a pretty popular one.

Sky walks, pretty much like sidewalks, but above and over the traffic to ease congestion. 

Strawberry smoothie.

Coffee. We needed the caffeine kick. 
Lychee iced tea and a coconut iced thingy. Both very refreshing. 

Obligatory "V" picture. 

Purcuitto and melon: a winning combination!

Smoked salmon plate. The sauces were creamy and tangy and the bitterness of the greens were a nice way to break through the richness of the salmon and creams. 

And of course we need dessert! There was a tiramisu, a chestnut creme brulee, molten chocolate cake, cheese cake and that triangle thing is actually ice cream. 

We also got snake wine! More for the novelty than anything else.
 I gave it as a gift to my boyfriend. 

And no. We haven't drank it.... YET.

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