Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hong Kong Eats - Part II

During the months of February and March, Hong Kong has it's Arts Festival. We visited the Cultural Center on the Kowloon side. There were lots of posters up for upcoming performances, a school dance group doing a showcase, and exhibits all over the place. 

We saw a poster for a dance performance while we were there and we ended up going later on that week. It was absolutely beautiful and we all had a great time. 

This is the stage before the performance started. 

Before the show we grabbed dinner at the restaurant located in the Cultural Center called Serenade.
The place was very nice and had a good view of the harbor. 
This is the atrium.

Dad did a lot of the ordering. 
Our table was very full, and the food kept coming.


This is a veggie dish with earwig (a type of black fungus with a distinct texture and mild, earthy taste.) It was accompanied with cucumber, onions and goji berries. The picture is slightly hazy because there was a lot of steam coming off this dish. 

A little hedgehog!

It had friends.

Cathy and Luke look quite mysterious in the background...

Kind of a mini dim sum tasting platter thing. The octopi and hedgehogs were a cute touch, though I did feel a little bad biting into them... which is why you eat the face first, so it doesn't stare at you and judge.

Ahh, goose. While in Hong Kong, we probably ate our weight in goose. It's very popular there, with several places famous for and specializing in goose. Like all water foul, they have quite a bit of fat, which can taste very good, but is quite heavy. 

You will notice that it comes pre-sliced. This is customary in China/Hong Kong. After the bird is finished, it's placed on a large, very thick wooden block and cut in this style. You need a very strong, heavy cleaver and a person who has good aim and a strong arm. The bones are cut straight through. 

If you're not used to this style of serving, it takes a little getting used to because you kind of have to eat around little bones and such. I prefer it, actually, because it's convenient and saves the trouble of having to cut things at the table.

Also, you will notice it still has it's head on. 
Most birds are served this way and fish are also served whole as well.

Savory bread buns filled with minced meats. The bread is not baked, but steamed and is usually milk based. It has a sweet taste and light texture. 

Also, we had broccoli with garlic. Very simple, but very good. 
Veggies were nice to have, since a lot of our meals were meat-heavy. 

Those weird looking roll things are thinly sliced bamboo shoots wrapped around a mix of earwig, mermaid hair (another type of fungus that literally looks like black hair. It's also known as black fungus and hair vegetable. Though very strange looking, it's very delicious) and a few other veggies. Served with goji berries and edamame.

Soft tofu stuffed with minced shrimp and bamboo shoot (probably pork fat as well, because in Hong Kong it's used in a lot of things) with Chinese broccoli on the side. The sauce is a very light soy-based brothy mix that was on the sweet side. 

Victory melon and fish! Victory melons are weird looking. They're long and have kind of spiny parts that run the length of it. The outside is usually peeled off. 
The flesh and seeds are edible, and it's look is similar to that of a cucumber, but a lot more tender. The seeds are large but very soft. Sometimes it can have a touch of bitterness to it, but finishes sweet. 

Fried rice with bits of chive, shrimp and roasted pork. 

It was a glorious meal followed by an equally glorious performance. 

When we got out, the view looked like this:

It's so pretty at night!

More fooding adventures to come.... Dun dun dunnnnn!

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