Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hong Kong Eats - Part III

One of the best things about Hong Kong are the mass amounts of bakeries. 

A lot of places have small breads and cakes pre-packaged in single serving sizes. I got a little melon cake and a sponge cake, labeled as "white albumen cake" which is a weird thing to call it...

Look how cute! I love the packaging. 

 It has a crumbly, mild bread filled with a dense, 
slightly chewy/sticky inside of melon flavored goodness.

 Sponge cake in all it's spongey goodness. 


A little breakfast platter I made for Dad one morning. Fresh kiwi too!

One night we went to dinner with my Uncle and Grandmother. 

This is what we got :)

 Jukk, also known as congee, is basically rice porridge thats very popular in Cantonese cuisine. 

It's kind of like a comfort food. It can be served plain, but most of the time things are added to it, like various meats (shredded chicken, pork, etc), thousand year old eggs, peanuts, green onions, etc... It's very soothing and mild. 

Steamed rice served in a banana leaf, this is it unwrapped. 
These are typically filled with meats and other goodies.

Mmmmm... one of my favorite things. Tender, soft rice noodles filled with shrimp. 
They're essentially large rice noodle sheets that are folded/rolled with various fillings. I usually like the shrimp or a soft beef mixture they put inside (think asian meatloaf). 
It's served with a light, sweet soy. 

 Delicious, delicious pigeon. 
It's crispy on the outside and has very tender, moist meat (if cooked correctly). 
It's a relatively small bird, so each pigeon is cut into fourths. 

Frog legs! Stir fried with green onions ginger. Mmmmm... 

Fish heads! 
These are cut apart, deep fried in a light crispy, 
flavorful batter and then cooked in a clay pot with some veggies and aromatics. 

In the U.S. the fish head is usually discarded, but in Chinese cuisine, it's regarded as the best part of the fish. It can still have a fair amount of meat and has a lot of good omega 3 fatty parts, which are tasty and good for you. Re-think fish heads if you haven't tried them :)

Mmmmmm.... Dinner!


More to come....

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